Texas Instruments TPS series suffix options

I have been having a lot of chat and emails lately asking what the differences in suffixes call out so I thought I would type this up today. Many of you will probably already know this, but it never hurts to take another look.

My example involves these numbers :

TPS54620RGYR is the same as TPS54620RGYT, it is just a difference in the reel size.
TPS54620 4.5-V to 17-V Input, 6-A, Synchronous, Step-Down SWIFT™ Converter datasheet (Rev. F) (ti.com)

The T calls out a 250 piece reel size.
The R calls out a 3,000 piece reel size.

Not all manufacturers will have a nice part number breakdown, but often times a good datasheet will have that listed somewhere for easy definition in case a customer is asking what the difference is between one suffix and another.