Part Numbering for Passives Plus Inc. Broadband Capacitor Series

When looking for alternatives for the Passives Plus broadband series, the first step is looking at what the part number means.

Here is a breakdown of the part numbers.

Example Part Number: 0402BB104KW500

01005 = 01005 SMT Package
0201 = 0204 SMT Package
0402 = 0402 SMT Package
0603 = 0603 SMT Package
0805 = 0805 SMT Package

BB = Broadband Series

103 = 10nF
104 = 100nF

M = ±20%
K = ±10%

W = Tin Plated over Nickel Barrier - ROHS Compliant
G = Gold - Epoxy Mount Only
L = Tin/Lead (90%Sn/10%Pb

4R0 = 4V
6R3 = 6.3V
250 = 250V
500 = 50V
101 = 100V

01005BB104MW4R0 01005BB104MG4R0 01005BB104ML4R0
01005BB104MW6R3 01005BB104MG6R3 01005BB104ML6R3
0201BB103KW250 0201BB103KG250 0201BB103KL250
0201BB104KW160 0201BB104KG160 0201BB104KL160
0402BB103KW160 0402BB103KG160 0402BB103KL160
0402BB103KW500 0402BB103KG500 0402BB103KL500
0402BB104KW160 0402BB104KG160 0402BB104KL160
0402BB104KW500 0402BB104KG500 0402BB104KL500
0603BB104KW101 0603BB104KG101 0603BB104KL101
0805BB103KW101 0805BB103KG101 0805BB103KL101
01005BB104KW4R0 01005BB104KG4R0 01005BB104KL4R0
01005BB104KW6R3 01005BB104KG6R3 01005BB104KL6R3
0201BB103MW250 0201BB103MG250 0201BB103ML250
0201BB104MW160 0201BB104MG160 0201BB104ML160
0402BB103MW160 0402BB103MG160 0402BB103ML160
0402BB103MW500 0402BB103MG500 0402BB103ML500
0402BB104MW160 0402BB104MG160 0402BB104ML160
0402BB104MW500 0402BB104MG500 0402BB104ML500
0603BB104MW101 0603BB104MG101 0603BB104ML101
0805BB103MW101 0805BB103MG101 0805BB103ML101