Part selection similar to HT1632D/HT1632D-2

Hi I was searching for any part similar to HT1632D/HT1632D-2 by HOLTEK please help me find the same.


Thank you for contacting DigiKey , sorry we do not have this part or a replacement that I am finding to replace it .

Thanks Craig

Depending on how exactly the part is being used, there are a few different options a person might pursue. The TLC6983 seems like a pretty close analogue, IS31FL3236A-QFLS2-TR is sorta similar but different, and the MAX7313ATG+T is a part that could probably be used for a lot of similar purposes.

Unfortunately due to differences in how these and related devices are described, they haven’t all landed neatly in the same bucket; there are others in each of the respective product families that might also be useful.