Part suffix for Atmel ATxmega384C3-CCU

We are currently using the ATxmega384C3-AU and are in need of a drop-in replacement. We purchased the ATxmega384C3-CCU but we have been unable to find any documentation that mentions a CCU variant by name. We are looking the know what differences there are between the AU variant we are currently using and the CCU variant.

The CCU suffix is not on the datasheet, and we do not carry this part number. I see this product is listed on our site, and offered by the MarketPlace Vendor “Rochester Electrics Inc.”
You will probably have to contact that supplier to determine any differences with the AU suffix.


Don’t know if anyone answered you from the supplier but -CCU on ATMEGA or ATX MEGA stands for Ultrafine bga W/ Industrial Temp (A) (-40°C to 85°C) – Green (Matte Sn or Sn Alloy)