Photomicrosensors do not work. Please advise possible causes and countermeasures


After delivery, some Photomicrosensors do not work. Please advise possible causes and countermeasures.



One of the causes is estimated to be a decrease in light current due to aging of the Photomicrosensors LED. In this case, the circuit design should be reviewed.



LED elements have the characteristic that the light emission output gradually decreases over time. Because the Photomicrosensors use a non-contact detection method, they have higher reliability than mechanical switches and are effective in extending the life of equipment. However, it is based on a circuit design that takes into account the aging of the LED. By setting a threshold with sufficient margin, stable detection over a long period of time can be performed on the equipment.
For details, refer to Thecnical Information for Photomicrosensors as well as the following related FAQ.


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