Pin headers: unclear number of positions

Pin headers have a “Number of positions” field indicating the number of pins on the header.

However, for 67997-400HLF ( this is listed as “45000, Cuttable”. What does this mean?

Does this mean it’s a single, contiguous strip that gets cut to the desired length by DigiKey upon ordering? If so, what happens if I order 45000? Does the strip gets coiled up as a whole, or cut into smaller pieces?


Hello Erik @Prutser,

We have part 67997-400HLF offered as Tape and Reel or Cut Tape. If you order the Tape and Reel version, Digi-Key part number 609-6454-2-ND, you will receive a reel of that part that has a full reel quantity of 45000. If you order the Cut Tape version, Digi-Key part number 609-6454-1-ND, you can order the desired quantity you would like. We would just cut of the amount that you would like.

Thanks for reaching out to Digi-Key’s TechForum.

Awesome, makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply!