Please Help Identify this RCA Chip

I have 450 of these NOS chips, and want to know their function. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
The Top line on the front of the chips look like the date/batch code…480-19
The 2nd line on the front of the chips look like the Manufacturer/ID…RCA 8314
The back of the chips say…2XDRA and P3267. Thank you for the help.

I am sorry to say that I am not able to locate any information about the IC marked RCA 8314 or for any of the other markings.

Actually the 8314 is the EIA date code, the IC was manufactured 14th week of 1983. That date also corresponds to the peak time for RCA integrated circuits.

The part number appears to be the number series RCA used for custom/semi-custom IC’s sold to large volume consumer product manufacturers (I saw a 480-9 specified as a part made for Sears in a 1986 component substitution book).


Well thank you very much for trying…I do appreciate your efforts.

That is interesting. I was speculating that one of the numbers was a Lot/Date code, but didn’t know which was the part number and what was the Lot/Date code. It would be interesting to know what this custom/semi-custom IC is, because we have 500 of these chips. :slight_smile: Thank you for at least clearing up which number is the date code. That is a help.