Plug connector for ITT-Cannon ICA02COME22-2SBF80-ND


I need to connect to your part number ICA02COME22-2SBF80-ND with a straight plug and then put an EMI/RFI shield on the end of the plug. I went through the datasheet link you supply and found the following

  1. It is a size 22 bayonet coupling.
  2. Page number 32 straight plug CA06COM-F22-P-B-* in the top table does not list a thread size but does mention it will fit your part number listed above. The table below for CA06COM-F22-P-* does list the thread size as being 1 3/16-18 UNEF-2B. Can someone check with ITT to see if I am supposed to use the bottom table thread sizes with the top table?