ITT Cannon connect alts or replacements?

Hello all, still working on this ocean survey project and have come across the below connectors that are damage beyond repair, the lead times are very far out and they want me to place orders for 100 or more pcs when I only need a few of them. Can anyone identify similar connectors that can endure sea water such as the ITT Cannon ones?

p/n CB6J22-14PS
p/n CB1J22-14SS
p/n CB1E22-14SS
p/n CB6J22-22SS
p/n CB6FC16S-1PS

Hi CJatUM.

I don’t have much experience with the type of connector you’re looking for, but I have reached out to some colleagues for assistance. I’m confident we’ll be able to find some crosses for you, it just may take some time. Sorry about that.

Thanks Jerry!

@ CJatUM


Within the set of five part numbers that you are replacing, how many of those are mating pairs? For example, CB6J22-14PS and CB1J22-14SS appeared to be a pin/socket mating set from the documentation that I found.

Are all of these cable-mounted? I think CB6 and CB1 are both cable-mounted styles, but I want to be sure. A plausible solution in this case it to replace both sides of the cable connectors to avoid any mismating between two slightly different series–even if only one side is damaged. That may open up more options.

Waterproof IP67 chromate olive drab may be a good option, I believe we have supplier direct ship stock at lower quantities, however these aren’t rated for full submersion at extended periods of time. Do you need full submersion?

Hi Bill, yes these are all cable-mounted styles, I’ve already got the other parts needed. Just having trouble getting these.

Hi Ryan,

Yes they would need to rated to be fully submerged for long periods of time.

Hello again! CJatUM,

I reached out to our product manager, and they got back to me with below response, I will also post more if anymore information is given, thanks for your patience on this!


I can tell you the part numbers are not ITT Cannon part numbers, they are custom PEI-Genesis part numbers built using a mix of ITT Cannon components with other non-ITT/non-standard value-added components.

The J calls a high-reliability, gland-seal endbell with and integrated compression disc that provides a watertight seal around the outside of a round jacketed cable and supplied with a cable-clamp. This is not an ITT component and would only be available as a value-add option through an authorized ITT Cannon assembler like PEI-Genesis.

  • p/n CB6 J 22-14PS
  • p/n CB1 J 22-14SS
  • p/n CB6 J 22-22SS

The E calls out and endbell with integrated cable-clamp that is supplied with individual wire sealing grommet and ferrule. A telescoping neoprene bushing is captivated by the clamp. This would be a ITT Cannon part number CA3101E22-14SB

  • p/n CB1 E 22-14SS

The FC calls out a endbell extender with a style C cable-clamp. Supplied with individual wire sealing grommet and ferrule. This would only be available as a value-add option through an authorized ITT Cannon assembler like PEI-Genesis.

  • p/n CB6 FC 16S-1PS

Hope this helps get you in the right direction. Thank you!