Help finding/replacing cable end

I was hoping to replace a broken cable end if possible, wasn’t able to find the parts but not particularly adept in finding them on the site!

It’s circular in cross section (as opposed to rectangular) so “circular connector” would be a good search query. It also appears to have a fixed/integral contact set, rather than being the sort where individual contacts are inserted into a housing, so the “circular connectors” product family would be the likely place to start looking.


From there, one can filter by observable traits like number of contacts, solder termination method (using the search within function with “solder” as query can be a fast selection method), mounting type (free-hanging) etc. to narrow the result set to the point where it’s practical to sort by product series and start tossing out those that obviously aren’t a match. If the manufacturer can be identified, that’s also helpful.

Through such a process, I landed at these results. No apparent exact matches, but a few that look as if they might potentially be compatible.