Pluto sdr very poor TX

Hello , I purchased ( last week ) a Pluto SDR and receivid yesterday . I installed SDR-Console , the drivers , the new version and the app for extended frequencies.
In RX , all seems to work but In the TX-modus a got very briefly ( perhaps one second ) a signal of 0 dBm on my spectrum analyser ( RIGOL ) and since then only -55dBm signals . As the sepctrum accept signals up to +20dBm nothing is wrong with him . But the adalm pluto is no longer able to transmit 0dBm signals. I restarted all programs , the Pluto , changed cables and power supplies but no results . As I’m new with this device , I hope that I have to do some settings .
Someone can help me ?

F8VOA , Marco , France

Hello, I have not used so cannot directly comment. I did see a related post on ADI’s Engineer Zone that discusses checking transmit functionality Adalm Pluto (no transmit signal) - Q&A - Virtual Classroom for ADI University Program - EngineerZone

Hello f8voa - welcome to the Tech Forum. I have contacted my Product Manager for this product and he in turn, checked with the manufacturer. ADI would like your contact information so they can follow up. If you prefer not to leave your contact information on the Forum, you may e-mail it directly to me and I will forward to the Product Manager.