2.4GHz EFR32 based receiver

Hello, morning, my name is Yu, a phd student at NTNU. I have a question about the EFR32xG1 demo board, I was wondering if I can use this board to receive and detect the 2.4GHz signal from an antenna with a little bit of frequency deviation;this signal is not modulated, if I can detect this frequency deviation with this board? If not, could you please give me some suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance :wink:

Hello, The Silicon Labs EFR32xG21 kits are intended for evaluation of wireless protocols like 2.4 GHz Bluetooth or Zigbee not general purpose testing of 2.4 GHz wireless signals. I suggest Analog Devices ADALM-PLUTO since it is capable of generating or measuring RF analog signals from 325 to 3800 MHz, at up to 61.44 Mega Samples per Second (MSPS) with a 20 MHz bandwidth. Take a look at Analog Devices wiki ADALM-PLUTO Overview [Analog Devices Wiki]

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Thank you so much for your fast and kind help :wink: The ADALM-PLUTO is expensive for us since in our project we want to deploy low cost, many receivers in different places. I was wondering if there cheaper choice with a similar function, since we don’t need a very highly configurable solution? Many thanks for your help:)

Hello yudang, Unfortunately I am not aware of any low-cost circuits or reference designs that measure 2.4 GHz wireless signal frequency.

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I’d ask a HAM radio operator who has experience with software defined radios (SDR) for ideas. I think it may be possible to use a low cost USB connected SDR with custom software on a Raspberry PI as a lower cost solution.

Thanks anyway since your answer inspire me that SDR may be a promising direction wish you a nice evening :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your kind help and it seems the cheap USB SDR can not reach 2.4GHz, only the expensive one such as NooElec HackRF One can cover the 2.4GHz, I’ll do some more research in this direction, and thanks again for you and your HAM friend :wink: