Looking for Speed Doppler Radar Sensor (UART)

I’m looking for a speed doppler radar sensor (preferably something that can track a moving object up to 100mph) for a radar gun.
I made the mistake of getting an Infineon Sense2GoL Dev kit and that uses USB CDC communication protocol. And their UARTradar system interface is only accessible via Infineon’s software package.

(I’m a noob when it comes to EE stuff)
Essentially I want to launch either picocom or cutecom and get some sort of output.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Target object size and distance are also factors one needs to take into account when considering possible solutions; depending on what exactly you’re hopping to achieve, it may or may not be available in an over-the-counter module.

That said, RFBeam makes some nifty radar modules with onboard processing that might be worth a look; the K-LD2 is one example, others of course are available.

I ended up purchasing the K-LD2 and that fits my application perfectly. Thank you Rick!