RFID reader and tag selection

I am working on a project whereby I need a RFID reader that can read at a speed of 60 MPH passing a tag (preferable passive) communicating through RS-232 to a controller. The reader does not have to retain the tag past the point of data transferral and does not have to accumulate tag reads. It really needs to be accurate though. The distance between the tag and the reader can be as much as 2". If the reader accepts external antennae then it can be reduced considerably. If there is an external antennae then what is the maximum size that can be installed? Also, does the size really matter wen we consider a UHF reader.

Hello Byron and welcome to the forum,

Not many RFID modules will front and center advertise their operating distance. In my review I was able to find the USB-6EP, which reports a 4 foot range after antenna installation. It also reports a read speed of 50 tags per second. I would start your search for a solution there.

Yes that sounds like an obvious place to start…Thanks for your time…