Indoor wireless device tracking

I am looking for a solution that will help to track unit presence in the store. Basically small tag that could be attached to the unit and the reader that can be placed somewhere in the store that will see if tag in or our range.
-tag should stay alive for at least a year
-ideally if range will be 30-50 ft
-reader should support up to 100 tags at the same time (can be less if there any other options)

From what I see there could be different protocols solutions starting from bluetooth/zigbee/lora
Does anyone have any experience with something similar?

Thank you.

Hi, thank you for contacting TechForum. Please look over reader
900-0134230001-ND and
WM26361-ND They would work up to 90’. Glenda

@Glenda_1324 Thank you for your reply!
Just wondering Is this specific RFID reader the only option for the WM26361-ND?
Is there is frequency that I should look into to see compatibility of any other reader with WM26361-ND?
Like for example this reader should with with the following range:
RFID Reader Module 915MHz ~ 928MHz
which is compatible with the tag frequency.

Thank you.

The only other reader we list for WM26361-ND would be 900-0134220001-ND, but there may be more out there than what we carry. For part 1523-1516-ND thingmagic, you can check out the tags 1568-1517-ND . But you might not get the distance you are needing. You can check the data sheets on a few to find out what might work best for you. Glenda