need to acquire dev.kit for developing and printing RFID tags plus a RFID reader to be mounted on a moving and rolling platform. The RFID tags will be mounted on vehicles in a parking lot. The RFID reader will be mounted on a rolling/moving platform that will read the RFID tags in a parking lot

Hello @odenplan,
I am assuming you are looking for passive RFID tags and planning to use UHF RFID (nominal 900MHz frequency depending on region) to get a reasonable range (nominal range for passive UHF RFID is 10-25 feet based on a reference found RFID Journal). Digi-Key has a number of UHF tags referenced in link https://www.digikey.com/short/fwbdwdtn and UHF reader evaluation and development kits/boards referenced in link https://www.digikey.com/short/h8z1w78h . That being said, I have no experience developing or using RFID tag/readers so can offer no specific recommendations.

hi Scott
we are looking for short range RFID tags reading 10 - 25 feet distance and a reader to be mounted on rolling platform. the links you mentioned have so many options. Can you narrow down?

thank you Peter

Hi @odenplan,
Unfortunately, Digi-Key has a limited selection of UHF reader evaluation kits that are available and in stock. I would suggest you widen your research to look for a readily available “off the shelf” RFID UHF finished reader kit that includes sample tags and supports the needed range and region of the world you are developing for to do some real world range and tag testing. Once you have narrowed your RFID reader/tag technology requirements down we may be better able to offer suggestions.