Radar pulse envelop power detection

Hi, I need help! I purchased adl5511 to detect venv of a radar pulse. It’s not doing well. The radar I’m detecting is in 4-4.2 GHz, pulses are in milli seconds, 5mhz width and 20 MHz apart. Power level of pulses are 2 dbm to 10 dbm.

Is there any other pcb board that detects the pulses better?

The signals described would appear to be within the working envelope of the ADL5511; it’s not immediately obvious why this device would be found unsuitable, thus difficult to suggest one that might be found more satisfactory.

To say that the device is “not doing well” is rather non-specific; could you offer a bit more detail?

The v envelop is lower than other devises I use side by side!

Maybe I’m doing some thing wrong but this is what I’m using ADL5511 RF Envelope Detector TruPwr RMS Pulse Detector Module 6GHz

I’m using adl5511 eval. Do I have to configure it in any ways or just power and rf in?

The evaluation board has an enable switch which would need to be set to the on position for the device to operate; other than this, the power and RF inputs should be all that is needed to generate an output.

Would you kindly how to set the enable switch or port to on position? Do you have a diagram?



That information can be found in the user guide for the board, accessible via the datasheet link on the product page or from the manufacturer’s website.

That’s the one I use. I have a 5 v + going to enable pin. But document says to enable I must use switch 1 to on position. I see R1 that’s open should I solder that close? Is that what it means by sw1, R1?



The board in the image above does not appear to be the ADL5511-EVALZ, shown below. It may be that you obtained an earlier version, or a product produced by some other party.

I would need to understand the hardware being used and have the related documentation in order to offer further comment.

The data sheet always talks about Cw input, does it also detect pulses?

What I used is adl5511 eval not evalz. I also have evalz it seems to complicated for someone like me to us.

That board is a 3rd party product not manufactured or supported by Analog Devices; you would need to contact the seller for board-specific documentation and support.

To my knowledge eBay is not an authorized sales channel for any electronic component manufacturer; as such there is no guarantee that any products purchased through that channel are genuine or functional.

I have the adl 5511 I purchased from mouser, the picture I emailed is of that.

Is adl5910 better to use for my application? I have 4 of them also

My system is to detect radar pulses and I want live v out.
My dbm rf input at 4ghz is -42 dbm.

What v threshold value I should set it at.

I just need to get v out when it’s larger that -39 dbm

I’m not electronics but a hobbiest.

Which ports I should use for sma rf in and v out. I get the vpos and ground at 3.3 volt.