Looking for VCO for coffe can radar

Hi all, I’m looking to make the coffee can radar designed by MIT around 2011 but the 2.4GHz VCO they spec is no longer in production.

I was thinking of using the CVCO55BE-1530-2700 as a replacement. Am I correct in understanding this is a simple VCO and changing the input voltage will output a frequency changed signal?

Does anyone have any better solutions?
I realise I’d have to make a PCB for this chip.

yes it looks like you can use this as a simple vco 0.5 V ~ 10 V , I not sure the range you need for tuning.

It’s a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), so tweaking the input voltage should vary the frequency. However, keep in mind the tuning range and power requirements. Also, check if it fits your radar’s needs. If not, maybe someone here has a more suitable replacement in mind or some PCB design tips.

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