President HR2510 10 METER RADIO

I want to repair a President HR2510 10 meter tranceiver I picked up .
After going over the components on the pcb , there is an adjustable vco that is damaged and a good chance the other two that aligns the radio .
It is a small tin type vco and with the set screw inside . I have the schematic but cant put a name or type to this part . Any idea what specs , and vco it is ? id like to order a one and if the other two on the pcb are the same , I should order those too . Here is a pic of the component.
Thankyou , Craig

It looks like you are looking for a variable coil Click Here

Hi , Is there something like this can type vco to adjust the voltage to get the pll to lock in .
The voltage needs to be set at 5.25 volts approx.
Im not sure what the exact name of this adjustable coil is .
Im trying to find one from Digikey .
Thankyou ,

HI tgbrail ,

The only options i’ve found are Clock Generators, PLLs, Frequency Synthesizers
2nd best options would be Application Specific Clock/Timing

Maybe an engineer can read this and produce a better solution.

Hi Ryan ,
Here is some more information on the VCO I am looking for . Does this help at all ?
Thankyou ,
Craig Chapman

L317 is a LF134, [A294SNS-15071B ]
President P/N BLFY0134001
it could also be an LB686 [ L-2M7-T1 (R12H806X) ]
President PART NUMBER:BLBY0686001

Hi tgbrail,

Unfortunately I was not able to locate any further information.