Identifying or finding equivalent

Looking for the equivalent part. Any help appreciated.

Any info on the specs of this and what I can replace it with would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I can’t narrow down the exact part you have but it looks to be a 2.2uH inductor, check these options . You can narrow the list down by measuring the size of the part you have and choosing that parameter from the list but you will still need to verify what current rating will work.

Hi Steve thanks for that!

Any idea on how i’ll be able to identify the current rating?

You won’t be able to identify the current rating from the part. Do you have a schematic for the board or any information stating the voltage and current being used with that board?

Hi Steve,

I’ve been looking but unfortunately not. Its a HP Pavillion Dv4 3029tx. There’s similar models with diagrams but not that one specifically that I found online.

I’m thinking that by measuring the dimensions of the inductor it will hopefully narrow down the possibilities for a replacement and if there are a few options I could replace one and hope for the best? Let me know what you think.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, get the list narrowed down by dimensions , be sure the part will fit properly on the solder pads on the PC board and see what options you have left from the list. Does this use a 19v , 4.74 amp power supply to run directly or for battery charging ?

Hey Steve,

I believe it uses the power supply. Its directly next to the supply cable. And thanks for the reminder. Just found out that I used a 18v 3.5a supply for the board. Weirdly though the measurements still measured 19v at the supply cable.