This Part Has Me Corked

Anybody help me identify this part. Not sure if it is a cap. Came off an HDMI board Onkyo Receiver TX-SR607

Thanks BB

Welcome, badbob,

Might be an inductor. Can you send images of the side and bottom as well?

Hi badbob,

From this video, I can see that it’s an inductor (the board marking “L” in front of the number “271” indicates “inductor”). The “470” marking on the part indicates 47uH.


As a note, the video referenced above is to show you how to replace certain capacitors, which are much more likely to fail than an inductor. The 100uF capacitor he recommends is obsolete. Assuming your problem is actually a bad capacitor, I recommend you consider one of these capacitors, as they are of a high grade and will be less likely to fail.

If your inductor has actually failed (typically measuring open circuit between the two leads when failed), they are much harder to replace, as their characteristics vary significantly from one part number to another - even if they are rated as the same inductance value. We would need the lead-spacing and overall diameter to even get you in the ballpark for that.

Thanks David . . . I took those inductors off thinking they were caps. Now I need to replace them and I’m having a hard time finding the specs.

Can I use a 47uH that is close to the same size?

Thanks for help with the caps.

Cheers Robert

Hi badbob,

As I mentioned above, it is much more difficult to match inductors. I was not able to ID your exact part, so I can’t compare specs to what we carry. Finding one of similar size and inductance will get you in the ballpark, but no way to know if it will actually work.

If I didn’t have the specs for the original one, I would look for the inductor with the highest current rating I could find which can fit in the mounting holes and space available. This is still no guarantee, but it reduces the chance that it will saturate or overheat during operation. Typically, it is not necessary to only look at inductors rated for 47uH. You can usually go up or down a little (maybe +/-10%) to help find parts that are capable of higher current and still physically fit the board. Also, it looks to me like your inductor is shielded, which reduces electrical noise from interfering with the surrounding circuitry, so I would limit my search to shielded inductors.

If you give us the lead-spacing and overall dimensions, we can try to help you find some possible options.

Thanks David

Lead spacing is around 4-5mm

Size is 10mm diameter, 8.6mm high

Onkyo lists these parts numbers on their schematic:




Thanks Again!


OK, badbob,

The one that looks closest appears to be the following:

732-3416-ND - Würth Elektronik part number 7447471470
Shielded inductor, 47uH, saturation current = 2.5A, DC resistance < 0.088Ω

It’s maybe a tad larger than what you have, but I think it’ll fit.


  • Diameter = 11mm max
  • Height = 11.5mm max
  • Lead spacing = 5mm

Again, no guarantees, but I think this is pretty likely to do the job.