Amp repair

My name is Divendra.I am having a hard time figuring a part number for SMD on a Onkyo RZ50.The Code reads :MX but the Power amp board denotes as Q i searched for the SMD it shows as Diode.This transistor is just beside output fet transistors.The output fets are TTA0001 and TTC0001.I am attaching the picture of it.Please any one out there please help me with these.

Hi Divendra,

The code could also read “XW”. Onkyo tends to use a lot of Rohm’s excellent discretes, but could not immediately find a good canditate.
I wonder, could you provide a bit better picture (high resolution, natural colors, from above, showing the neighboring comps too)?


Hello Divendra,

Curious if you finished the repair on your Onkyo receiver.

Please let us know if we can assist.

Happy soldering,


P.S. Like @heke I was unable to cross the component. A better photo would help. I was unsuccessful in locating a schematic. Perhaps another community member could assist.

P.P.S. An excellent resource is located at HIFI Engine. They provide a wealth of information including schematics for most stereo equipment. Perhaps they will have your RX50 in the future.

No, I am having hard time finding parts for it, it seems there are some parts missing and it is not marked what it is. I think it got apart with the heat or a poor soldered from factory. I did trace there are two transistors blown out that is not reading code marking ND it is a SMD. I checked the code on S manuals SOT23 KRC104S but it is bit bigger it should be a 0402 size but it is bigger. In the same area there is 2 parts missing i don’t know if it is Thermistor or resistor. I could switch on the Amp but the display will not show speaker matrix and it shuts off. If only i could find a schematic or if some one with the same Onkyo RZ50 help me with those part identification. It is on the HDMI board. I have tried with Onkyo they say i have to send the amp to them but for the diagnostic and time i will be charged. They will charge 280 dollars for the diagnostic for me shipping will cost almost 100 dollars plus . I rather wait and look for one on ebay. Thanks for asking I have learnt a lot and i have taken lot of pictures of all the boards. Thanks for forum members like you for great help. Have a nice day.

Hello Divendra,

When I first saw your post, I unsuccessfully attempted to locate a schematic.

Your frustration is shared by many of our readers - many repairs would be completed if only a schematic were available. Sorry we couldn’t provide further assistance. Perhaps you will find a solution in the future.

Thank you for sharing your learning journey Perhaps that is the most important aspect of this experience.