Help identifying component

Hi everyone, I need help identifying this component. Any help is appreciated. It’s the one with DC on the top. I’ve included a picture of the bottom of the one that fell off.
DC%20L24 l24%20bottom

Given the “L24” on the silkscreen and the general form of it, looks like a shielded-can inductor. Is there any other information or specs on this device? Unfortunately ‘DC’ isn’t enough of a marking to know which can inductor this one might be.

Hi Matt, this is an Avid Mbox 3 pro. I could not find any schematics on this device.



Hm, all right. Unfortunately we don’t have any especial access to OEM schematics here at Digi-Key, either. I’d need to know more about the device than the image tells me to try and locate it for you, sorry Mike.

Hello @Mike.Risko,

Can you provide any information on the physical size of the inductor?

I did find some parts that have similar marks and am looking to see if we can verify your parts. The physical size will help as well look at those options.


Hi Robert,

the size is less than .5CM


It is possible that this is part number 308-2018-1-ND. The stamp calls out the part and date code. Please double check the Data Sheet to make sure that this matches the part that you took off.

Hi Dustin,

Thanks! Is this the same one Robert found or is this different.


Hello Mike,

I based my searches off of what Robert had found and showed me. I dug a little deeper in and found some extra information which pointed me to this part. I am unsure what part(s) Robert found but this is what I could find with the information. Like I stated before, please double check the data sheet to make sure that this will work for your application. Feel free to reach out with any other questions.