Inductor identification help

Hi, I’m having trouble locating markings or otherwise identifying the inductor shown in the photo. It’s 3.2mm x 2.4mm and has four leads. Any help would be appreciated! Trish


I am sorry. I am not able to identify this inductor with the information provided.

Hi katrisha ,

As a side note, inductors don’t normally fail unless they have physical damage. If there is no physical damage you may be able to mount that inductor back on its placement pads and look for another issue with the board. Otherwise, as Verna_1353 stated, unfortunately there isn’t enough information for that part.

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Use of 4 leads suggests the device is a common-mode choke, which is somewhat less generic than a plain inductor. Some listings of that size are here, not much available for stock and one would have to guess at the target impedance, but it’s a step closer.


Thanks for replying.

It’s a telecom product that was poorly engineered. Apparently the circuit always runs near maximum designed current. The resettable fuse often runs so hot that it burns the board underneath it. Another actual power coil in circuit frequently gets burned. This is the first time I’ve seen one of these go bad, but it’s definitely burned up.

Thanks for replying. I’ll look at the link.

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