Help identifying this component

Both me and my work partner are stuck. We are working on a Dell inspirion 17 5755 and don’t know what this component is called, and about 30 min after searching google decided to ask people who know more about this than me. If someone could help us identify the component and show us where to find a replacement and a digikey part number, that would be super useful!! We are specifically asking for the one one labeled R15A. 20200905_134548|375x500


That would appear to be a surface mount fixed inductor of some flavor, possibly 6.2uH value. I’d try whittling down the options based on physical size and see what’s left.

It would appear at first glance to be a power supply stage of some sort. Unless something goes hideously wrong to a degree that other adjacent stuff has turned all crispy, I wouldn’t expect inductors of this sort to go bad with much regularity.