Capacitor identification

Trying to find what I believe is a non polarized capacitor for a dog collar receiver. I’ve searched everywhere and looked up the 3 numbers but it’s not making sense.

Thank you


I am not certain on this item either.
It looks to me like an inductor, but it is possible that it is a capacitor.
Did this come off a board in the collar receiver? if so was there a marking on the board where the come out of?
also would you have dimensions?

Capacitor examples

Inductor examples

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Yeah there are 3 of them on the board of it and one burned up/broke open. They are labeled L1,L2,L3.
They are connected to 2 ceramic capacitors on the back
1 st picture circles where the inductors/capacitors are
2nd shows the capacitor they are hooked up to

“L” is a standard schematic prefix for inductors.

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So what would the 108 markings indicate. Looked at a couple marking explanations but none of them make sense. Need to get a couple replacements so I can get this collar back together. Thanks for the help this far

Unfortunately I am not familiar with normal housing marking on small PCB mount inductors. Hopefully some of the other people here will be able to help with that.

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From what I’ve seen the 3 digit markings on inductors are usually done as first two numbers being the inductance value in micro Henry (uH) and the third digit meaning the number of zeros as in to the power of. So 101 would be 10uH but yours says 108 which would mean 100,000,000uH making it 100H.
This seems huge for a tiny through hole inductor though so I’m not sure what 108 would mean here.

Maybe someone else can help confirm.

Hello @phillipbreidall ,
I believe these are normally marked in micro Henries (uH) using the multiplier system.

108 = 1,000,000,000uH = 1,000H

However, this value is unrealistic, which suggests this inductor marking is either a series marking or other non-inductance value or generic manufacturer marking. If this is the case the value is unknown, and selecting a similar style and physical size would be the only way to get remotely in the ball park.

The only other option is if this were marked in pico Henries (pH) rather than micro Henries, then it would give a realistic value of 1mH of which Nathan_2268 provided a good link. This is also not a guaranteed value either since they would normally mark the part as a 102 in uH rather than 108 in pH, but this would be another idea.

Thanks for all the ideas and thoughts. The other 2 inducers are good, or seem to be. Is there no way using a multimeter or anything to get resistance or cadence numbers that I can at least get some kind of number to assist with ordering some. Otherwise I’ll just order a couple blindly I suppose