Need inductor selection help

Hi, I’m trying to find out what type of inductor I need to replace the one from this Cricut Expression motherboard.

The original one was mounted between a 220uF 35V and a 100uF 35V capacitor. The shrink tube on the inductor had only one mark that looks to be a 6.

The dimensions of the inductor are 8.0mm wide, 10mm height, and the mounts are 5mm apart. The Cricut runs on 18V power supply.

I have no idea how to select the proper Henry’s or OHM’s and need any assistance you can provide. Thank you in advance.



Could you provide a better photo of the to-220-5 pin part? I want to see who’s logo is on that part.

Looks like GD is the brand on the capacitors.

Looks like an LM2576T-5.0 switching controller IC. Hard to tell without more info what the original part might’ve been, but there’s a fair chance that somebody just used the front page schematic. 7447480101 looks like it might fit and seems like as reasonable a guess as any in terms of a replacement candidate, based on available info.

Thanks @rick_1976. Thats what I was thinking. Might be a 100uH inductor if they used the app diagram from the datasheet.

So that inductor is not related to the capacitors, but the switching controller? I know nothing about circuits and all of this, so I am guessing and really appreciate the help.

The number on that part is JM96RP LM2576T-50 P+

The L(inductor) and C(capacitor) LC filter are the components needed to suppress the switching noise and output 5v. You can read about noise reduction here Suppression Method of Switching Noise Using Linear Regulator and Low Pass Filter (


I found this topic while looking for some info about this board. I checked this on mine and it’s 330uH.


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The closest match I found for a 330uH inductor, close to the size mentioned above, is 3475-RB30-331K-RC-ND.