I have no experience in this field and hope that you can help me find the parts I need.

I am working on a sewing machine from the late 70s and need to replace two inductors and a capacitor. I have been told (by sewing machine technicians online) that I need “5 microhenry 1 amp covered coil. or you could buy one with the coil exposed and put a piece of shrink wrap tubing over the coil to protect it”. Either works for me as I have the shrink wrap tubing at home.

As for the capacitor it says PME 271M on the front, 0,1 uF on the side and fo=3,6 MHz on the back.

Can you please direct me to the appropriate parts? Or parts that will fit in size and work?When I try to search I get a bunch of categories to choose from and I don’t even know where to start…

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. It may be a bit of a challenge to find proper fitting parts for something from the 70’s but we have these inductors you can take a look at. Here’s a list of capacitors that may work for you. These parts match or exceed the specifications you listed but you will need to verify if you can get them to fit.

Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it! :tulip:
I’ll look into your suggestions and see if any of them will work.