Cant find this smd component!

The writings on it are A768 C680, looks like a coil, measuring 68uf.
It’s from a 1080ti gigabyte aorus graphic card.!


Hi gustavogomesbr,

Welcome to the Tech Forum. It is almost certainly an inductor (coil), and the “680” almost certainly means 68uH. However, identifying the specific part number is highly unlikely, as part markings are generally not a searchable characteristic for inductors. I did a search of our products and didn’t find any that appeared to be an exact match.

You may want to try to identify the DC-DC controller IC which uses these inductors, and look up its datasheet. The datasheets of DC-DC switching regulators and controllers often list specific inductors recommended to be used with their product, and yours may be one of those listed.

As you may be aware, it is very difficult to cross one inductor to another, as characteristics vary significantly, even among parts with the same nominal inductance value. Probably the best you can do is to try to find one that has a similar inductance rating, very similar series resistance, and is closely matched in both dimensions and appearance. Similar dimensions and appearance will increase likelihood of using common materials and having similar current ratings between the two, though neither can be guaranteed.

To find the nearest possibilities within our inventory, I would suggest you take accurate measurements of the inductor’s dimensions, including height, and, if possible, measure its DC resistance. Then find the nearest matches from the parts in this link. Of those remaining, err on the side of higher current rating, as using an inductor with insufficient current handling capability can result in fairly spectacular failures.

tks for the reply, the nearest component on the circuit is a “Z50360L1 TA7D12” that I couldnt find the datasheet too.