Source or equivalent part for LM370H

In order to repair an (oldish) Codan HF radio, need to replace an LM370H which seem to have been discontinued for some time. Anyone out there know a source or an equivalent that can be substituted? Form factor is not a major issue, we’ll make it fit somehow, but as it’s a pcb major circuit mods are a bit of an issue.

IN Australia would obviously be preferable, but will consider any source.



It appears that part was introduced in the 1970s and has been off the market for along time.

Buying new old stock may be the only option.

Yes, saw that one myself. I was hoping for more sources. Seems they only have six, at a premium price in US dollars (and ridiculous freight costs) but I’ll see what the owner of the radio says.

Given how prolific these were, seems likely there should be still some lurking about, or someone’s invented a substitute, I dislike reinventing the wheel, so hoping that’s the case.

Thanks for your response, It’s appreciated.