Pomona Electronics: In-Line User Installed Banana Plug Pack Quantity

Hi I’m looking to order some of the following:
6383-0 In-Line User Installed Banana Plug (Black)
6383-2 In-Line User Installed Banana Plug (Red)

According to the data sheet on the product page both of these items should come in a pack of 10, can anyone at DigiKey confirm this for me?

These product listings are for a quantity of one. We break down the manufacturer packaging in order to enable one piece to be purchased, so while it may come from the manufacturer in packs of 10, we sell individual parts.

Also please note that the datasheet is from 1999 and our internal records show that the manufacturer started packaging these as single items in 2015, however I was not able to find a newer datasheet that stated this.

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Thanks Shawn

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