Hi, I am looking for an smd pot that will allow me to vary the voltage of MCP1253-ADJIMS from 1.62v to 5.5V, with a maximum current of 15mA. The pot will be R1, and the value of R2 based on your recommendation, If this is not the proper forum, kindly redirect me.

Hello ephraim4321,

The schematic for the Adjustable Output Voltage is as follows:

I believe the current will be determined by your load, so you will want to take that into account, however the voltage can be determined by the relationship between R1 and R2 in the diagram. With how the resistor values (and tolerances) work, you may end up with some close but not exact voltages for your maximum and minimum.

In regards to the values, you will want an R1/R2 relationship of .34 to meet the minimum of 1.62v and a relationship of 3.55 to meet the maximum of 5.5v. I suggest a potentiometer that ranges from 3.3kOhms to 33kOhms and keep R2 as a static value of 10kOhms. For your SMD potentiometer; how were you controlling this? Was it to be a digitally controlled potentiometer or were you wanting to adjust it manually?

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