Power Dist Module & ISO 280 Relays

I would like to use the Little Fuse PDM71001ZXM power distribution module, but the relays suitable for this (ISO 280) are all marked ‘obsolete’. Are these stall available and can I purchase them from Digikey?

Marty . the only ISO 280 relays I am seeing that are available to order that we have to offer are in this link . https://www.digikey.com/en/products/filter/automotive-relays/962?s=N4IgTCBcDaIJYGcD2ACMAOADCAugXyA

Thanks Craig .

Hi Craig

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the 35A relay does not show up on the NZ Digikey site. When I try to order from the US site it removes the relay prior to shipping…

Best Regards

Martin Perry

It looks like that item was added recently enough that it has no export classification assigned yet, leaving the system to assume it’s export-controlled and therefore declining international sale.

Looks to be out of stock with a 19 week lead time, so perhaps not your best option at present in any case.