Fire alarm relays

I have a 12 Vdc ice cube relay model# MK-4471 can anyone help me figure out what the direct replacement should be on DIGIKEYS site. Please and thank you:)


Thank you for contacting the Digi-Key Technical Forum. I am sorry. I am unable to find any data sheet on this relay. I am unable to find an alternative without the data sheet. Sorry.

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I like to let you know that I too have looked into this for you. Like Verna, I was not able to find a data sheet on this product but I do see some part markings and with that this is what I do know.

This is what I do know:

It plugs into a socket
It is a DPDT relay
the coil voltage is 12VDC

This is what I don’t know:

The measurements of the terminals and their pitch.
If you would like help with pitch, click here
The switching voltage.

I can throw out a possible option such as this one:


MANUFACTURER Finder Relays, Inc.
DESCRIPTION General Purpose Relay DPDT (2 Form C) 12VDC Coil Socketable

I would recommend checking data sheets and comparing these things before ordering.
If you do order this product and it works for you, please visit this post and let us know.

If you would like to look at other products that are in this spectrum, please click the link below.

I hope this helps!