Power Supply Connector Help

Hello, I was hoping someone may be able to assist me in finding a connector for a Power-One/Bel DC-DC power supply. The model of the power supply is SPDBRCD-05G, the part number is 23-0000154-01. The connector in question is 3 position and has two screws on edges to secure connector to power supply. I have attached pictures of the connector as well as the power supply showing where the connector mates.

Thank You!

Hello kylec, Welcome to the Forum.
Please take a look at this part 277-5898-ND.
I believe this might be the part you are looking for. The big thing to check is the Pitch of the contacts. That is the Center to Center spacing. This part is at 7.62mm.
Please check this out to see if the Dimensions do match up for you.
If you have any questions Please let us know.

Wow, that was fast. It appears the dimensions do match up. I will order to confirm. Thank you for your help!