Power Supply for Digi International Rabbit 4000 Boards


When you are looking at the Rabbit BL4S100 and BL4S200 boards from Digi International, you will see mention of a power supply in the manual, however if you do not buy the complete kit Digi International does not sell a power supply separately for these boards.

By using connector housing WM1784-ND with the appropriate contacts you can use the following power supply specifications you can build a usable power supply for your board.


The data sheet calls out a 12V 1A supply for the 20-101-1255, 20-101-1256, 20-101-1257 and the 20-101-1258.

The ratings for the 20-101-1220, 20-101-1260 and the 20-101-1259 are 9-36 VDC, 4.5 W max


Applicable Digi-Key Part Numbers

316-1172-ND 316-1164-ND 316-1177-ND 316-1173-ND 316-1169-ND 316-1171-ND 316-1170-ND 316-1168-ND

Kit Part Numbers:
316-1176-ND 316-1157-ND 316-1076-ND 316-1077-ND 316-1123-ND 316-1126-ND 101-1156-ND 101-1158-ND 316-1131-ND 316-1134-ND 316-1136-ND 316-1137-ND 101-1102-ND 101-1115-ND 101-1146-ND 101-1147-ND 20-101-1153-ND