Power supply front panel connector serch

hey there,

i’m looking for the power supply front panel connectors

  • and - screq connectors
    can you help fined a part number that will fit it?


thank you!

Welcome to the forum.

The connectors are called binding posts and there are wide variety to choose from.

For absolute lowest cost I like these:

An excellent mid range option:
I especially like the red/black pairs for hobby use because it provides a pre-made accurate 3/4 inch spacing for dual banana jack test lead connection.

For the top of line, last forever binding posts you can’t beat these:
I have some of these on equipment that are 50 years old and still working perfectly.

This search returns all 139 choices that are active and in stock:

I just got a strange Email from Muellere-Electronic’s Sales director
they don’t have measurements or 3D files of all their products,

this is make sense??
how can i design a product without drawings???

Working at a company that has many similar no documentation available situations in our product line here’s my guess. (my employer is over 50 years old)

Since these products,

  • Have been on the market for nearly 100 years now
  • Sell in tiny quantities compared to normal electronics connectors
  • Are only used on test equipment mostly from manufacturers who’ve been using them for many decades

they see no reason to expect significant additional sales from creating end user drawings.

Now if anyone calls my employer and convinces sales that they really are going to buy a lot of the product, usually 1000 pieces, we will go ahead and convert, engineering review, and QA review the ancient paper drawings used to make the original manufacturing tools. Then we’d construct an end user suitable drawing, pass it through engineering and QA reviews and provide it to the customer.

I suspect that Mueller would also be willing to do this if the customer is seriously going to buy 10,000 to 100,000 pieces of the binding post.

In the 50 years I’ve been designing/building custom test equipment (41 years professionally) I can’t remember a ever looking at a drawing for an old fashioned generic binding post.