BK1901B-ND power output wires

I’m looking at the B&K Precision 1901B and I’m wondering what the wires that connect to the power output on the back look like. I don’t see any pictures of them on the website. Is there somewhere I can find pictures of them? And do they come included with the unit?

The rear output connectors are a pair or heavy-duty binding posts, similar in form and function to those found on most bench supplies. They’re made to accommodate connection through many different techniques (stripped wire, fork terminal, banana, etc.) and no, output cables are not included.

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I see Rick answered your question but wanted to give a quick tip to save time on any electronics parts/tools/equipment supplier web sites.

Look for a data sheet link on the product page for any item you’re interested in. Usually 10 to 1000 times more information about the item is in the data sheet than is on the web site product page.

I’ve looked at the datasheet and I don’t see any information regarding the binding posts. Where can I buy them? I have no idea what they look like or what type of connector to look for, so I currently can’t search for them online.

5-Way Binding Posts are historically the most common test gear connection since the 1950’s

This article should answer all your questions about using them.

It just dawned on me, you may be able to save a few hundred dollars.

The B&K 1901B is a mid-range bench test power supply for electronics laboratories.

Since you are unfamiliar with binding posts, I suspect this is not going to be used to equip an electronics test laboratory.

If this is correct, and you can provide a bit of information on your intended application someone around here can likely find you a much lower cost and easier to use power supply for your specific application.

That’s very helpful, thanks! I took your advice and made a separate post asking if there was something cheaper or better for what I’m doing.