Powering a Single New Energy IRED

Powering the New Energy InfraRed Emitting Diode (IRED).

This specific IRED (MPN LST1-01G01-IR01-00, Digi-Key PN 1672-1154-ND requires 1.5V forward voltage in order to turn on. This will mean that your voltage supply will need to provide at least 1.5VDC to power this IRED. You will also need to pay attention to the max current handling capabilities of this IRED so as not to damage the IRED with too high of a current. For the LST1-01G01-IR01-00, the max current is 1.5A. This will be the highest current you can safely apply to your IRED.

The method I would use for powering a single IRED is to use a linear voltage regulator. You can view our stocking options here: https://www.digikey.com/short/zh4mm2. Using our filtering options, I select a voltage output that has 1.5V within its output range to ensure it will power your IRED. I select a max output of 2V to begin with, as well as an active and in-stock part status and filtered down my results. From there, I checked what current output options I had to ensure none where higher than 1.5A. Here is the results I came up with when applying those filters:https: //www.digikey.com/short/zh4mb2.

You can then consider what package type would work best for your application and if you needed any other features for your application.

Once you have selected the linear voltage regulator you wish to use for your application, you can review the product’s data sheet for the wiring diagram to hook up your power supply to the voltage regulator, and then the voltage regulator to the IRED.

Selecting your voltage regulator will also assist in your selection of a power supply. The power supply will need to be able to provide an input voltage below the max voltage allowed by the specific voltage regulator. The max current input will need to be referenced as well to ensure that the power supply does not exceed this. You can view our stocking board mounted power supply options here: https://www.digikey.com/short/zh4m9m.

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@Jeri_Gustafson I would put this: (MPN LST1-01G01-IR01-00, Digi-Key PN 1672-1154-ND) after the “This specific IRED”

just so your title isn’t so long. Or you can tag them so they are easier to find.

The short links are a good touch :smile: Great post!

I think this is 1.5V and 350mA, if it were me I would recommend customers to look at LED drivers that push the 350mA and can accommodate the voltage like one of these (https://www.digikey.com/short/zh4b98)

Thank you Lindsay! An LED drive would be an even better option. Would eliminate the need for a separate power supply and linear voltage regulator.

I also would favor use use of a purpose-built LED driver or similar controlled-current approach over a constant-voltage drive; the stability and consistency of optical output is much better when doing so.