LED driver module or circuit



I am looking for an LED driver module or constant current circuit to power these: https://www.digikey.ca/products/en?keywords=MTE5015-525-IR. The difficulty I am having is that the forward voltage is so low (~0.8 V), and after searching the site and talking to a Digikey technical person we could not come up with a suitable solution. I could string up to 3 in series if it would help. Any recommendations would be appreciated.



Hello Mike,

Take a look at AL5809-90P1-7DITR-ND. This will fit your volt and amp requirements if you put at least three in series. You will still need something like a voltage regulator to control the input voltage.


Thank you Kelsie. It does look like it will work except that the minimum order quantity appears to be 3000. I only need a couple.


Hello Mike,

Here is the cut tape part number AL5809-90P1-7DICT-ND That does not have a minimum order quantity.


Thank you very much.