Driver for 4 x Bridgelux / BXEB-L0590U-35E1500-C-C3

Hi, To set the stage: I know nothing about this stuff. Bottom-line is I have a bunch of these strips and would like a basic driver to power up 4 of them series. I’m on 120vac. Nothing fancy, just efficient and maybe dimmable, doesn’t have to be.


Welcome to the Technical Forum. It is more complicated than what you have provided. Here is some information to help pick out Led drivers: Tips for selecting LEDs and Drivers for a New Design
Here are more links: LED Drivers

You will need to review the documents and provide the output voltage and current you need. What type of driver you need. Constant voltage or constant current. It would be based on the design you have.

I’m betting you were looking for a design or circuit to power up one of these strips.

Does this mean you know nothing about driving an LED strip or nothing about electronics or something in between?

There may be an alternative to designing your own, but I need to know how much electronics knowledge you have.

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Heya, no, I’m ok to wire up 4 of these strips in serial to the appropriate LED driver. My issue is I don’t know enough about this to determine which LED driver I should be using. If I’m using 4 of these strips, that’s 19.1v x 4, so 76.4v? And if they’re 13.4w’s then I add those to 53.6w, but I read something about 70% of load, so 65w? And then there’s current…these say 700ma, is that added (I don’t think so). But the data sheet also say 700ma min 1700ma max, so what number am I going with. Then there’s CV vs CC…I don’t know which is better for this application. What am I missing? And how do I use all of this to come up with a LED driver? It’s all over my head.

Hello hendricknj,
The 1.7A is the max it can handle, but I would recommend staying at the Test current of 700mA. You can go higher, but it will cause the Heat of the LED strip to go higher. The Test current will provide the advertised brightness. Is a Series circuit, the voltage will be added, and the current will stay the same.
So you want one that will handle 120VAC input, have a constant output current of 700mA, and can output a voltage of 76.4VDC.
Click here for the closest matches for LED Drivers.
The best priced one, that would allow dimming, is 1866-5631-ND
Good luck with the project.

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That’s perfect, thanks so much for the help (everyone)!