Can I use this 30w LED Driver with 2 of these strips?

My Driver is a constant current with output: 20-42v 950mA Max. The website listed it as 30w 6-12x3W. I was wondering if the 6-12x3W means anything or is that just the model number?

Anyway, my strip is a Bridgelux Gen 3 Thrive 560mm 4k.

Listed drive currents of 700, 960, 1400, 1920mA, and min v is 18.5v and max 22.9.

I want to run 2 of these strips wired in series, can this driver handle this? Would the driver just reduce the current to accommodate its lower power capability?

The part number of the driver in question would be helpful.

At a drive current of 950mA, the combined Vf of two series strips of this type would be at to slightly above the rated output voltage of the driver. Depending on where they land in the with respect to allowable tolerances and environmental conditions, the driver in question would appear to be just barely adequate to slightly under-rated.

Exact driver behavior when confronted with such a load may vary, but I would typically expect output current to fall somewhat to maintain output voltage within rated limits.

Model number: QH-40LC6-12x3W.

If I tried this with this driver and the strips mentioned there is no danger of the strips being damaged?

I was not able to locate any documentation on the driver. Do you have a datasheet that you can provide? As for the strips or driver being damaged. The driver might be due to the maximum voltage combination of the led strips would be greater than the rating on the driver.

By Googling for this driver part number, the specs shown on the images that turn up seem to correspond fairly closely with what you stated above. Assuming the driver behaves the same as most reputable brands, it should either limit the current to 950mA or reduce that current slightly if it cannot raise the voltage high enough to drive the two strips to 950mA. If this is the case, it shouldn’t damage the LED strips.