Require Driver for a single LED COB

I would like to know if anyone could recommend a constant current driver power supply to operate 1 single CVM-27-56-95-36-AB00-F2-3
I would like to be able to use a POT (dimmer) to adjust the output brightness


I am not seeing that we have an option that would be a direct match.
The below looks to be able to meet the resistive/pot requirement.

The below meets the electrical specification other than the resistive/pot requirement.
LD200W-57-C3500-RD EPtronics, Inc. | Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board) | DigiKey Marketplace

Thanks. Will this work…
HLG-150H-36AB MEAN WELL USA Inc. | Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board) | DigiKey

Technically, yes. However, as a non-stock product it would be subject to a minimum order quantity of 12 units and lead time currently indicated at 32 weeks.

A few other potential options that are in stock can be seen along the one previously mentioned here.