Product Specs EVC-116-3400

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I’m looking for the Product Data Sheet for this unit. Is this the same unit previously sold by Green Watt Power with the same part no?

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I have sent a request to the product specialist for the datasheet for this part.

From the Green Watt Power website, I found this, indicating that Green Watt is a subsidiary of Powerland Technology.

Also, I did find this datasheet. It shows the EVC-122-3400 rather than the EVC-116-3400, but it states that the EVC-122-3400 is a “form, fit, and function replacement for the custom EVC-116-3400 Model”.

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Thank you for your response. I am a bit confused, however.

My post related to the EVC-116-3400 I found listed on the DigiKey site. I was attempting to determine if this was equivalent to the Green Watt charger of the same model ID or at least, a data sheet on this unit on the DigiKey site.

I believe your response relates to the EVC-122-3400. While that unit is a functional replacement for the EVC-116-3400, it is not a fit replacement with the attached cooling fan. In my application, space is an issue; I don’t know if the 122 will work. I have not researched if the fan can be removed on the 122 or if it is available without the fan. My first focus was attempting to find a replacement 116 unit. Furthermore, does DigiKey carry/sell the 122?


We do not currently have the EVC-122-3400 available for sale through DigiKey.

Hi lj92648,

As I stated, Green Watt is a subsidiary of Powerland Technology, so the Powerland EVC-116-3400 is the Green Watt EVC-116-3400. They are one and the same.

I did not find a datasheet for the EVC-116-3400. However, as the the datasheet linked above states, the EVC-122-3400 is a “form, fit, and function replacement for the custom EVC-116-3400 Model”.

I can only go by what their documentation states, but at least in regard to your concern about the cold-plate mounting vs. fan cooling, the table above states that the non-“FC” suffix indicates that it has cold-plate mounting rather than fan, which I believe is what you are looking for.

It would seem like we ought to be listing the EVC-122-3400, as that appears to be the stated standard part vs. EVC-116-3400, but we are listing the part numbers that Powerland Tech gave us.

Here is the datasheet I received from the product specialist.

Datasheet-EVC-3400.pdf (847.9 KB)

From feedback from the vendor, it looks like the EVC-116-3400 and the EVC-122-3400 are literally the same part. The difference is whether the digits in the middle of the part number refer to the Maximum or Typical output voltage.

From page 2 of the datasheet:

It seems that they had intended to change the part number to match the other part numbers in the series which reflect the Max output voltage, but they decided to keep the part number using the Typical voltage for the part number.