Proximity Sensor w/ Dimmer

Hi there,

I have been looking for a proximity sensor that has the ability to dim and to be used with G9 LED bulbs.
I could also potentially do a touch sensor (trying to avoid actual switches) as long as it dims as well.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.
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Could you help me understand better how you would like this to function? Are you looking to have the proximity sensor dim the LED based on a distance, or are you looking to have the proximity sensor dim the LED after a given amount of time of inactivity?

Reid L.

Hey there,

I’d like the LED to dim based on amount of time someone is within the range of the sensor.
If someone were to hold their hand over the sensor for a period of time it can decrease or increase light brightness. I would also want the piece has wire leads as well.

Thanks for the help Reid,


Unfortunately we do not carry any finished units that can accomplish this. We do however carry a part from Microchip and some associated development/eval boards that may be able to help you develop your idea.

The part is the MGC3130. And here are some development boards that utilize that part:

I hope this helps.
Reid L.

Oh boy thats way over my head…
Would there be anything available thats a touch sensor?

Thanks for your help Reid,

Again, unfortunately we do not stock anything in a finished unit for touch controllers.

There do seem to be some commercially available ones like this:

Reid L.