PTC Chip Behavior in Response to Compression

We use these PTC chips B59102R270A10 as heating elements for a “self-regulating” heater.

We place these PTC chips between 2 metal conductor plates (with wires crimped onto the ends), place a thin metal cover overtop, and then swege the unit to secure the wire connections and form the shape.

Does the amount of compression the PTC chip undergoes impact its temperature-dependent resistive behavior? Some heaters heat much more aggressively than others, despite being connected to the same power supply.

Is this normal variability in this component or does compression impact the temperature-dependent resistive behavior of this component?

Does this component act like other PTC’s and open the circuit at a certain temperature? And then retain its shape as temperature decreases again?

Would compressing this chip within the metal plates make it harder for the necessary deformation to occur, and thus continue to dissipate power past the max temp?

Hi rszymanski ,

Thanks for your question. I don’t see anything on the datasheet referencing pressure or open circuit, only a change in resistance per the temperature/resistance graphs.