Purchasing LED strip Tech support needed

I am attempting to bu 10 feet of Digi Tech Part number 1647-106458 - 1- ND which I believe is Inspired LED’s 24V-MB240-WW-12M. It is unclear from the website if I can purchase by the foot or if I would be required to purchase the whole roll. When I called the 800 number for Digi Tech the nice lady could not answer that question either and refereed me to this forum. I only need 7-10 feet of a dimable warm white LED tape and I have a 24 volt Dimmer/Driver set up to connect it to. If this product does not come in custom lengths is there a different tape that does and would work with my driver?



Hello @Dtanger

The Part 1647-10658-1-ND would come in 1.85" sections per the drawing.

If you want a specific length then you would just need to order that number of units and make sure to add a note to the order that you require continuous strip for your LEDs.

For example if you want to order 7 feet you would need to order a quantity of 46.

46 x 1.85" = 85.1" or 7.09’

I’d suggest that the length increment is actually 2" as indicated in the text adjacent to the figure; the 1.85" number factors in overlap of attached connectors.

Hello Dave,

It looks like this part has 36 LED’s per foot of length, so you would need to purchase 360 to get a 10ft length. Unfortunately it looks like we currently do not have that many, but I was able to find 1647-10656-1-ND as a possible substitute.

Technical reference number T4108403


Thank You. Can you tell me the difference between the two products? It does not appear to be much but I am new to this and unsure.

It looks like the alternative listed has a different power requirement listed in this datasheet.

Respectful disagreement on this point: the unit of sale for 1647-10658-1-ND and similar products is the minimum functional length (2" for this product) and increments thereof: a 10-foot length would be ordered as quantity 60; 60x2"=120"=10 feet.

Right, my mistake. Thanks for the correction!