Qualtek QMB circuit breaker Part Numbering


When you are looking at the QMB Series of circuit breakers from Qualtek the part numbers can be broken down to give you the individual specifications.

Here we will look at part QMB-073-11C3N-3BA

QMB -07 3 -11 C 3 N -3 B A
Series Rating Voltage Panel Hole Bushing Type Mounting Cap Nameplate
Print Button Terminal
QMB 03-3A 3-AC125-250V/
11-M11 A-Type A N-None N-None N-No Print N-No Button A-Type A
05-5A 12-M12 B-Type B 1-Type 1 A-Embossed 1- Black B-Black B-Type B
07-7A 00-Snap In C-Type C 2-Type 2 B-Silver
Printing on Black
2-Red R-Red C-Type C
09-9A 27-3/8" D-Type D 3-Type 3 C - Black
Printing on Silver
3-White W-White D-Type D
11-11A H-Type H 4-Type 4 E=Type E
13-13A E-Type E 5-Type 5 F-Type F
16-16A J-Type J G-Type G
18-18A H-Type H
I-Type I
J-Type J
K-Type K
L-Type L
M-Type M
N-Type N


Applicable Part Numbers

Q899-ND Q523-ND Q898-ND Q893-ND Q904-ND Q902-ND Q901-ND Q525-ND Q897-ND Q520-ND Q900-ND Q903-ND Q524-ND Q895-ND Q894-ND Q896-ND Q512-ND Q513-ND Q515-ND Q518-ND Q519-ND

QMB-103-00ENN-3BA QMB-152-11C3N-3BA QMB-073-11C3N-3BA QMB-033-00ENN-3BA QMB-153-11C3N-3BA QMB-123-11C3N-3BA QMB-123-00ENN-3BA QMB-203-11C3N-3BA QMB-073-00ENN-3BA QMB-122-00ENN-3BA QMB-103-11C3N-3BA QMB-153-00ENN-3BA QMB-203-00ENN-3BA QMB-053-00ENN-3BA QMB-033-11C3N-3BA QMB-053-11C3N-3BA QMB-032-00ENN-3BA QMB-032-11C3N-3BA QMB-052-11C3N-3BA QMB-102-00ENN-3BA QMB-102-11C3N-3BA