TE Connectivity W57 Series Circuit Breaker Part Number Breakdown

When you are looking at the W57 Series of Circuit Breakers from TE Connectivity the part numbers will break down in 12 sections.

Here is the breakdown from the Manufacturer Data sheet.

Applicable Part Numbers

PB534-ND PB1070-ND PB1068-ND PB532-ND PB535-ND PB1071-ND PB1069-ND PB1363-ND PB2334-ND PB2335-ND W57-XB7A4A10-12-ND PB533-ND PB1960-ND PB658-ND W57-XB2A99C10-4-ND W57-XB2A99C10-10-ND W57-XB2A99C10-15-ND W57-XC1I8B20-20-ND W57-XH1I8B20-15-ND W57-XB1D7B20-15-ND W57-XB2A99C10-5-ND W57-XI1F8B10-20-ND W57-XC6F4B10-10-ND W57-XA1A8B10-15-ND W57-XA2A7B10-5-ND
W57-XB7A4A10-15 W57-XB1A7A10-15 W57-XB1A7A10-5 W57-XB7A4A10-5 W57-XB7A4A10-20 W57-XB1A7A10-20 W57-XB1A7A10-10 W57-XB1A4A10-10 W57-XB1A4A10-15 W57-XB1A4A10-20 W57-XB7A4A10-12 W57-XB7A4A10-10 W57-XF6A4A10-10 W57-XB7A4A10-8 W57-XB2A99C10-4 W57-XB2A99C10-10 W57-XB2A99C10-15 W57-XC1I8B20-20 W57-XH1I8B20-15 W57-XB1D7B20-15 W57-XB2A99C10-5 W57-XI1F8B10-20 W57-XC6F4B10-10 W57-XA1A8B10-15 W57-XA2A7B10-5