TE Potter & Brumfield OZ OJE OEG Part Numbering

When you are looking at relays from the OJE or OEG Series from TE Connectivity (Potter & Brumfield) you will see the part number will breakdown into 7 categories.

Lets take a look at Digi-Key part PB876-ND TE part number OJE-SH-112HM,000.

OJE -SH -1 12 HM ,000
Type Category
of Protection
Number of Poles Coil Voltage Contact Rating
coil power
Insulation system designation Special Type Suffix
OJ SS=Fux proof 1=1 Pole 12V=12VDC See Datasheet Blank - Standard Class E Blank Standard ,000 Standard
OJE SH=Wash tight F=Class F WG = For Domestic Appliances


Applicable Part Numbers

PB876-ND PB1983-ND PB1657-ND PB1831-ND PB2091-ND PB2063-ND PB2184-ND OJE-SS-112DM,801-ND PB874-ND PB2176-ND PB2175-ND OJE-SS-112LM,000-ND OJE-SH-112LM000-ND PB1816-ND OJE-SS-112LMH,000-ND OJE-SH-124LMH000-ND PB875-ND OJE-SS-109LMF,F000-ND OJE-SS-112HM,000-ND OJE-SS-105LMH,000-ND OJE-SS-109LMH,000-ND OJE-SS-103LM,000-ND OJE-SS-105LM,000-ND OJE-SS-109LM,000-ND OJE-SS-124LM,000-ND OJE-SS-109HM,000-ND OJE-SS-112LMH2-ND

OJE-SH-112HM,000 OJE-SS-112HM2 OJE-SS-124HM,000 OJE-SS-112HMF,F000 OJE-SS-105DM,000 OJE-SH-112LMH,000 OJE-SS-112DM,000 OJE-SS-112DM,801 OJE-SH-105DM,000 OJE-SS-124DM,000 OJE-SS-105HM,000 OJE-SS-112LM,000 OJE-SH-112LM,000 OJE-SS-124LMH,000 OJE-SS-112LMH,000 OJE-SH-124LMH,000 1461400-4 OJE-SS-109LMF,F000 OJE-SS-112HM,000 OJE-SS-105LMH,000 OJE-SS-109LMH,000 OJE-SS-103LM,000 OJE-SS-105LM,000 OJE-SS-109LM,000 OJE-SS-124LM,000 OJE-SS-109HM,000 OJE-SS-112LMH2

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